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Keynote Speech

Title:Network Integration with Workload Management - the PanDA Example
Kaushik De (University of Texas at Arlington)

Abstract: PanDA is the workload management system used by thousands of physics in the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. PanDA manages the execution of millions of user jobs per day at hundreds of sites worldwide. While PanDA was originally designed a decade ago to manage workloads on CPU's and Storage, over the past few years the role of networking has proven to be equally important. We will present results and discuss future plans for active network integration in PanDA.

Bio: Kaushik De is a Professor of Physics and Director of the Center of Excellence in High Energy Physics at the University of Texas at Arlington. He started and co-led the PanDA software project from its conception more than a decade ago. He is the founding Director of the SouthWest Tier 2 Computing Center for ATLAS. He is currently deputy project leader for ATLAS Software and Computing in the U.S.